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Hiboy Titan Electric Scooter Review

The Hiboy Titan is Hiboy e-scooters brand new 2021 foldable model and a powerful and agile upgrade from their urban cruisers, the S2 scooter range. The all new Hiboy Titan comes in 2 new upgraded models, the Titan and the Titan Pro. While Hiboy have been developing the perfect consumer e-scooters with great value and high-quality models, Hiboy have finally released their first power house.

With some performance upgrades and a little more boost behind your ride, the Titan Pro model is perfect for commuters, students and users on longer journeys or looking to power through hills on their weekend rides. With some serious alterations to the framework of the scooter and the feel of the ride, this new model is certainly more resistant to wear and tear, rocky terrain and light debris.

Featuring a performance review comparison between the Titan and the Titan Pro models, we can see which consumer each model may be best tailored for. All models include free and fast shipping and first-class customer service.

Hiboy Titan Top Features

Hiboy Titan

About the Hiboy Titan

The Hiboy Titan is a great electric scooter for urban jungles and concrete surfaces. However, unlike prior models like the S2 Lite, the Hiboy Titan is elevated an inch or two more off the ground than your standard electric scooter, which is why it’s capable of handling light grass and loose debris. This model is not suited for mud, all-terrain rides in the forests or downhill racing, but can handle the rough roads of our biggest cities!

Top features include:

✓ On board screen display

✓ Folding dimensions (47.2 x 10.2 x 20.4 inches)

✓ 14-104 degrees operating temperature

✓ IP55 water resistance

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Hiboy Titan Performance Review

Hiboy Titan

Weight (50.7 lbs) – The Hiboy Titan weighs less than the Titan Pro model at around the 50 lbs. mark. With a stable and wide scooter platform, this electric scooter sticks to the road well and turns safely at speeds of 15 mph+ because of its weight and stability.

Range (28 miles) – With the average commuter range of 3-6 miles p/day in inner-city environments, a 28-mile range can enable a whole week of commuting on just a single charge. A great long-range e-scooter also for those looking to go for weekend rides!

Motor (800W) – This Hiboy scooter has a powerful motor to say the least. Though not quite the 2400W of the Pro edition, this 800W brushless hub motor is enough to propel long range riding without generating noise on the fly. This hub motor requires minimal maintenance.

Top Speed (25 mph) – The top speed of the standard Titan model is only 5 mph shy of the Pro edition. A 25-mph max speed is more than enough force to beat the rush hour and dodge the commuter traffic. Don’t forget to always wear a helmet and stay safe while riding!

The Hiboy Titan standard edition is a great electric scooter for the common user. Built for commuting, stable and safe riding even at 15-20+ mph. With a payload capacity of 220 lbs. and capable of climbing hills of a 20% incline, it’s an overall excellent electric scooter model.

Hiboy Titan Pro Performance Review

Hiboy Titan Pro

Weight (61.7 lbs) – The Hiboy Titan Pro weighs more than the standard electric scooter model, enabling it to stick to the road and carve through side streets with safety and stability. The weight of the scooter comes from a more stable shock absorbent framework, allowing a better feel for heavier riders, with a payload capacity of 240+ lbs.

Range (40 miles) –This electric scooter is excellent at facilitating long range commutes and can last a whole week without charge for the average commuter. Depending on riding conditions, this e-scooter is capable of maintaining range even at steep inclines and is recommended for users living in the Rockies or in the valleys.

Motor (2400W) – This powerful brushless hub motor emits an immense 2400 Watts (triple the 800W standard models) and high torque as a result, enabling power and speed for heavier riders. With excellent climbing ability, the Titan Pro motor is well suited to those residing in hillier environments.

Top Speed (30 mph) – Boasting an immense top speed (flat and dry conditions assumed), the Hiboy Titan Pro is not only great around narrow streets to beat the morning traffic, but t’s power forebodes its great hill climbing ability. Especially for users in quieter neighborhoods or in the countryside. Don’t be afraid to twist the throttle and experience the boost!

With a capability of powering up hills of a 40% gradient, and an efficient 17.5Ah rechargeable battery, this Titan Pro model combines efficiency and power like no other Hiboy e-scooter model. A high performing electric scooter and a 5-star rating for all of our EBC Riders.

Why We Love The Hiboy Titan

Hiboy Collection

The Hiboy Titan e-scooter model is both fast, agile and supportive for heavier riders and for those living in hilly cities looking for a more powerful long-range scooter. The last thing we want is an e-scooter that dies of charge halfway through your weekend ride…well the Titan and Titan Pro models can solve all your issues!

This electric scooter also features a few additional components that we love. Unlike all previous models, and similar to the Nanrobot D6+ model, this e-scooter is elevated further off the ground for better clearance. With its foldable nature, you can pack it up and take it on the road with you as well, as the perfect summer road trip gadget! If you’re a family looking to explore the coastlines of the West coast, cruising along South beach, or tackling the Colorado Rockies, the Hiboy Titan is the top model to choose from.

For more information and to speak to a Hiboy expert, give us a call at 1-877-347-5283, or send us an email at

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