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Jupiter Electric Bike Review

About Jupiter Electric Bikes

Jupiter E-Bikes

Jupiter electric bikes are a Florida born e-bike company that design and engineer the finest electric bikes on the East Coast. Boasting 4 iconic electric bike models, from fat tire e-bikes to foldable e-bikes and even an electric mountain bike. Jupiter electric bikes feature the top components and are a customer favorite electric bike collection.

Boasting the bestseller Jupiter Defiant electric bike, Jupiter electric bikes have found the perfect fat tire beach cruiser e-bike. With resistant fat tires to conquer sand and all-terrain, our EBC Riders use the Defiant for common activities including weekend rides, fishing, hunting (camo color available) and even commuting to work. With its foldable nature, just like the Jupiter Discovery series, this fat tire bike can fold away into the trunk of your car. The Jupiter Discovery X5, another US made e-bike has an older brother, the Jupiter Discovery X7 electric bike. With a few extra components, the Jupiter Discovery X7 is an awesome easy access electric bike for men and women.

Featuring free shipping, 5-star customer reviews, action videos and more, visit our Jupiter Collection or Contact an EBC expert today for more information.

Jupiter Defiant Review

Jupiter Discovery X5 Review

Jupiter Defiant Review – Best Electric Beach Cruiser

Jupiter Defiant

About the Jupiter Defiant

The Jupiter Defiant electric bike is the #1 electric beach cruiser bike. Built with a powerful 750W motor, this fat tire beach bike is tailored perfectly for tricky terrain. Boasting also Kenda made tires, known for their resilience, the Jupiter Defiant is a very popular electric bike for hunting. This e-bike includes a rear bike rack, perfect for a saddle bag or fishing gear. This electric bike has the newest Shimano 7-speed derailleur and a concealed rechargeable battery. A Florida favorite and bestselling electric bike, the Jupiter Defiant is a 5-star e-bike.

Top features include:

✓ 750-Watt brushless motor

✓ 40-mile range – perfect for long rides

✓ Foldable for storage and safety

✓ On board LCD display

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Jupiter Defiant Performance Review

Jupiter Defiant

Performance & Range

This electric bike can hit speeds of 15+ mph and is the perfect size and speed for maneuvering around dunes, forests, side streets or just easy cruising. With a throttle assist add on, this electric bike allows you to rest your legs and power on with the assist feature. With lots of Jupiter Defiant customers using their e-bike for weekend rides, this electric bike has a 40-mile range and is capable of filling your weekend with joy! The Kenda Tires do provide resistance even at high speeds and glide over the top of sand and debris to power you at ease.

Components & Features

Included on the Jupiter Defiant is a Shimano 7-speed gear system so you can tailor your riding difficulty. The Jupiter Defiants battery is removable but also concealed to prevent the access of water or debris. The front and rear disc brakes are more sensitive than your traditional bicycle brakes allowing you to slow down at high speed or in the event of emergencies. This e-bike doesn’t require a license to be ridden on the road.

Jupiter Discovery X5 – Best Foldable Electric Bike

Jupiter Discovery X5

About the Jupiter Discovery X5

The Jupiter Discovery X5 e-bike is Jupiters best affordable electric bike. Built for all users, this easy access foldable electric bike has mud guards, a dual suspension system and an on-screen display. The perfect electric bike for city commuters, students looking for a more cost-efficient way of getting to class, or just for weekend rides by the beach. Tailor the Jupiter Discovery X5 to your needs, as its value for money is unmatched. Featuring raring feedback from our EBC Riders and customers, there’s no better e-bike from Jupiters city bike collection.

Top features include:

✓ Portable and lightweight

✓ Perfect size for office workers or students

✓ On-board display and monitor

✓ 350-Watt brushless motor

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Discovery X5

Jupiter Discovery X5 - Performance Review

Jupiter Discovery X5

Distance & Function

The Jupiter Discovery X5 e-bike is tailored for all users. With a 30-mile range it’s ideal for commuters, office workers and students. This electric bike features a twist grip throttle to power you away at ease and has a 275 lbs. weight capacity (while achieving max efficiency). While this foldable e-bike is still great for heavy riders, it has a natural step-through format enabling easy access for customers recovering from injury.


Although this e-bike doesn’t boast fat tires like the Jupiter Defiant model, this electric bike has 3 ride modes so you can tailor your resistance and speed, with an added dual spring saddle to add comfort to your ride. The dual spring saddle allows for more comfort tolerating longer commutes and is a top feature from customer feedback.

Jupiter Electric Bike – Full collection

Jupiter Discovery X7 E-Bike

The Jupiter Discovery X7 is the elder of the Discovery X5 and has a few upgraded components. This electric bike edges the x5 model by 4 miles at a range of 34 miles (max – with good riding conditions), and lights under the rear suspension. This electric bike has ride modes as well and a top-quality Shimano Tourney derailleur.

Jupiter Summit E-Bike

The Jupiter Summit electric bike is a unique style and shape, and one of the few electric mountain bikes on the market. This powerful e-bike has a 500W motor and a 300 lbs. payload capacity, along with a twist grip throttle for extra power. The Summit electric bike is also foldable and popular for mountain bike lovers looking to hit the trails!

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