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Meepo V3 Electric Longboard Vs Maxfind Max 4 Series Electric Longboard– Which One is Right for You?


If you’re like a lot of skateboard enthusiasts, then you’ve probably thought about getting an E-Skateboard. Even though there are so many brands out there, most riders eventually narrow their choice down between the following two products:

They are both great products. However, after using both of these E-Skateboards extensively for the past few weeks, I’ve discovered that one of these products actually holds a surprising advantage over the other. Read on to find out which one…

Overview of Meepo V3 Electric Longboard

This E-Skateboard does a really good job of offering a real-world mileage of up to 11 miles (20 miles with Extended Battery option), top speeds of 28 mph super insane, hill climbing of up to 30% grade, and a charging time of only 2 hours. That’s largely due to the following three features:

  • Swappable Battery: Meepo V3 Battery's can be changed in less than 2 minutes, allowing for increased ranges.
  • Reliable ride and brake modes: The V3's smart, smooth, responsive throttle remote delivers 4 ride modes (low, medium, high, and pro) and 4 brake modes that allows you to ride effortlessly. It displays this information on the remote screen and this allows you to tailor you riding experience to whatever you like.  
  • Lightweight board: Weighing in at only 16lbs, The Meepo V3 is the best budget board for 250lbs riders.
  • Upgraded Intelligent ESC: This ESC is much better than the old Meepo ESC and it’s very smooth if you’re smooth with the throttle wheel. The Meepo V3 and its new upgraded ESC makes it a very responsive board that gives an incredible smooth riding if you’re gentle with the wheel.

Despite these great advantages, however, there is one problem with Meepo V3 Electric Longboard. Namely, Meepo Boards are not waterproof and the wheels can become slippery when wet. That may not be a big deal to those who don’t use this product in the rain, but those who use Skateboards in the rain or shine will want to take note.

How much is Meepo V3 Electric Longboard?

Meepo V3 Electric Longboard with V2 Remote is currently priced at $339, the Standard V3 with MR Remote and Bushings is priced at $429, while the Extended Range V3 with MR Remote and Bushings is priced at $629.

Who Meepo V3 Electric Longboard is for?

This board is for everyone that wants to join the e-skate revolution and for existing riders that are looking to get to the next level of electric skateboarding.

Also if you are on a tight budget but would still like quality, then you might want to consider getting this board.

Overview of Maxfind Max 4 Series Electric Longboard

This is also a great E-Skateboard. In particular, this product shines when you especially need to take long detours instead of the usual road.  Its monstrous yet smooth Motors can easily propel the skateboard to max speeds of up to 26.5 mph and a hill climbing grade of up to 35%. What’s more, it also comes with these neat features that you won’t easily find anywhere else:

  • Removable Battery Packs: The Maxfind Max 4 Series comes with an easily rechargeable and replaceable 4.4Ah LG Lithium-Ion with custom BMS Battery Packs. Each battery has a range of up to 13 miles. It takes less than 10 seconds to replace the battery thanks to Maxfind’s quick release compartment, and they don’t have to be in the E-Board to charge, a huge plus for portability. They also only takes 2 hours to fully charge, so you won’t have to wait for adventure.
  • Waterproof Motherboard: Maxfind longboard is IP56 waterproof certified so it can be used safely in all-weather condition. This means have to worry when you drive it in the rain or through puddles. It can even resist dust and light to medium shocks.
  • Strong and Efficient New Dual Hub Motors: Maxfind has one of the fastest e-skateboard in the world in comparison to other boards in the market and this is due to the dual motor output which will give you a total of 1500 watts of power.
  • Lightweight Board: The MAX4 weighs 16 pounds. Ideally, it can support a maximum capacity of 250 pounds in weight and the speed will be dependent on your weight.

This product is well built, which means you’re likely to find any glaring faults with it. However, those who would love to use this classy product and are on a tight budget may be disappointed. That’s because the Maxfind Max 4 Series Electric Longboard costs more than your average priced board so you do need to consider whether it is going to be affordable for your budget.

Now, I did find a way to get around this. If you want not in for the money but still want a super cool board like the Maxfind with a mix of speed, board space and lightweight design, you can opt for the Meepo V3. Its acceleration is also super insane.

How much is Maxfind Max 4 Series Electric Longboard?

Maxfind Max 4 Standard range board is currently priced at $599, the long range board is priced at $699, while the Super range board is priced at $799. Essentially, you are paying for an extra (or two) LG 4.4Ah 36V Battery Pack with custom BMS, at close to 40% off the regular price of each Battery Pack.

Meepo V3 Electric Longboard vs. Maxfind Max 4 Series Electric Longboard: Which One Do I Recommend?

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, both of these are great products. However, overall I’d have to award Maxfind Max 4 Series Electric Longboard as the best overall E-Skateboard. That’s because Maxfind Max 4 Series is an evenly constructed, fast-moving E-Skateboard that is amazing to ride. Plus, this E-Skateboard is feature packed and you’ll be getting so you won’t be disappointed.

Bottom line, if you’re looking high-end board built from top end components and made for long lasting durability for your e-skate adventures, then you won’t go wrong by choosing the Maxfind. Check it out for yourself by going HERE

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