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Meepo vs Boosted Electric Skateboards

Meepo Board vs Boosted Board

Meepo Electric Skateboards are one of the industry leaders and certainly have excelled past the levels of Boosteds Longboards.

Featuring the all new Meepo Hurricane AT electric skateboard and Meepo's first off-road release since the veteran AWD Pro e-board. It boasts speed, range and performance that review experts have confirmed, ousts that of the Boosted Board. Meepo's Mini 2 S is the best Boosted Mini X alternative, and certainly does have the power and quality control to be one of the best electric penny boards around. However, longboards are the preference for almost all riders in the e-board community. Even brands such as Ownboard (Zeus) and Exway (Atlas Pro) have spent time and resources allocating their R&D towards improving quality of their AT models and longboard models. 

While Boosted Board did have a household e-board name for some time, their closing down has led to a rivalry between premium brands to capture the audience of eboard enthusiasts. While Evolve led the way in technological advancement and quality control, lets see how the Meepo Board collection compared to Boosted. The eboard comparion will focus on the Hurricane, as their bestselling all-terrain eboard, goes head to head with Boosteds traditional longboard - Stealth.

Meepo Hurricane vs Boosted Stealth

About the Meepo Hurricane

Meepo Electric Skateboards are one of the industry leaders and certainly have excelled past the levels of Boosteds Longboards.

The Meepo Hurricane, their newest edition to the collection is an upgrade in every way from the AWD Pro eboard. Built with immense new torque with a powerful dual motor system and 3500 Watts of power. The Meepo board, released 2 years post-Boosted Boards closure, has exceed in all areas of engineering, performance and quality control.

The Meepo Hurricane comes at a price point about 30% cheaper, still at a premium price of $1599+, however, allows the rider to enjoy the usage of 2-wheel types, to compliment the riot drive train power and immense range. The Boosted Stealth was not an all-terrain board, unlike the Meepo which also helps justify why the Meepo needs more juice to power up hills.

Top Features Include:


✓ 30-40-mile range (vs Stealth 14 miles)

✓ Dual 3500W motor (vs Stealth 2100W)

✓ Carbon fiber decking (vs Stealth Composite)

✓ 2in1 AT & Street Wheels (vs Stealth 85mm)

Best Boosted Board Alternatives

About Boosted Board Alternatives

Boosted Boards name in the e-board business have sadly come and gone. However, there are far superior models, with varying specs and styles to compare to that of the Boosted Stealth and the Boosted Mini models. Boosted's long-time rivals in the business Evolve Skateboards, have continued to pioneer in board quality, with refined engineering and first-class customer service. Evolve USA have released their Hadean series models that have no rival to date.

Brands that can compare in both affordability include Backfire and Exway, while powerful new released from Ownboard (Zeus Collection), also pose as industry contenders for the Best Boosted Board Alternatives. Click the image above and check out our top Boosted Board Alternatives, or visit some of our links below: 

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