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Nanrobot Lightning Electric Scooter Review

About Nanrobot Electric Scooters

Nanrobot Collection

Nanrobot electric scooters have been developing the fastest and most advances e-scooter models on the market. Upgraded in performance specs and quality control, Nanrobot electric scooters are an industry phenomenon. Rechargeable, easy to handle and resistant to weathering, this top electric scooter range is a 5-star EBC Customer favorite.

Boasting immense torque, additional accessories and features including front suspension and rear suspension, these long-range electric scooters are unmatched. With the brand new Nanrobot Lightning electric scooter also available, Nanrobot are targeting commuters and weekend riders with their new collection. These fast-electric scooter models weight 55-65 lbs., a little heavier than most, allowing you to have full control, reduced skidding and better balance when riding. Featuring 1-year extended warranty options, fast and free shipping on all models, the Nanrobot electric scooter collection is available now.

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Nanrobot Lightning Electric Scooter Review – NEW BESTSELLER

Nanrobot Lightning

About the Nanrobot Lightning

The Nanrobot Lightning electric scooter is Nanrobots newest edition to their electric scooter collection. An affordable electric scooter compared to the upgraded Nanrobot D6+, this e-scooter sits at an even $1299.

The Nanrobot Lightning electric scooter is an awesome model for all commuters, students and weekend riders looking for a scooter that’s got great range, is fast and also durable for urban rides. Nanrobot’s powerful elders including the Nanrobot D6+, are commonly used also on sand and on light all-terrain environments. While the Nanrobot Lightning hasn’t got the same torque or acceleration, it’s still capable of battling mild dirt tracks, pathways and light sandy beaches.

Top features include:

✓ Dual 800-Watt Motor

✓ 280 lbs. Payload Capacity

✓ 30 mph Max Speed

✓ 20-25 Mile Range

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Nanrobot Lightning – Performance Review

Nanrobot Lightning

Speed (30 mph): The top speed of 30 mph for the Nanrobot Lightning electric scooter is certainly one to brag about. Capable of beating the morning rush hour as a faster, more cost-efficient way of getting to work. We recommend riding at <15 mph when travelling in wet conditions.

Range (20-25 miles): The Nanrobot Lightning has a long range and is a great inner city or campus commuter e-scooter. One of the best at maintaining its efficiency on the road, this e-scooter allows you to save thousands of dollars p/year on commuting fees for all inner-city riders.

Suspension (C-Type): This electric scooter has C-Type dual suspension and spring shock absorbers both on the front and the rear of the Lightning scooter. This enables an additional softness while riding and resistance to sidewalks, cracks and speed bumps while riding.

Charge Time (4-5 hours): This electric scooter has a 8-10 hour charging time (5-6 with double charger), using your standard wall plug method. It comes with 2 charging ports and can be charged in under 3 hours if both units are engaged at once. Do not leave your scooter charged longer than required or overnight.

Motor (2 x 800W): This electric scooter motor boasts two powerful 800-Watt motors. With 30 Nm+ of torque generated, the Nanrobot Lightning is twist throttle and key activated. Both hub motors are activated once the throttle is engaged.

Nanrobot Lightning – Specifications Review

Nanrobot Lightning

  • ✓ Brakes: Front and rear mechanical disc brakes
  • ✓ Motor: 2 x 800 Watt Motors
  • ✓ Foldable: Yes
  • ✓ Battery: 48V 18A lithium rechargeable
  • ✓ Tires: 8-inch solid wide tires (upgraded), to enable balance and durability
  • ✓ Display: Integrated on-board
  • ✓ Max Speed: 30 mph in good riding conditions (flat terrain and 170 lbs rider)
  • ✓ Max Range: 20-25 miles in good riding conditions (flat terrain and 170 lbs rider)
  • ✓ Clearance: 7 inches/18 cm
  • ✓ Payload: 280 lbs
  • ✓ Weight: 65 lbs
  • ✓ Charge Time: 4-5 hours (single port) – 2-3 hours (dual port)
  • ✓ Charger: 2 Charging Ports
  • ✓ Lights: Brake Lights and Aluminum alloy framework

ShredLights LED Lights – Best Electric Scooter Lights


Shredlights Scooter Single Pack – The Shredlights single scooter pack is the perfect for those commuting on less busy roads, with low or worse visibility. The single pack includes one white LED light capable of shining the way up to a 200m distance.

Shredlights Scooter Combo Pack – The Shredlights combo pack is a bestseller for all scooter riders looking to stay safe and visible on the road while riding. Featuring a front and rear red and while LED light to stay visible and lead the way. While the single pack enables forward visibility, the rear red ShredLights allows tail end vehicles to see you riding the streets to stay safe.

Top features include:

✓ 200 Lumens per bulb

✓ Patented S-lock design

✓ Red and white lights available

✓ All new bar mount tailored for e-scooters

Shredlights Collection

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