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Shark Wheel Electric Skateboard Review

About the Shark Wheel Electric Skateboard

Shark Wheel

Shark Wheel skateboards are a Shark Tank favorite and world famous for their unique and stylishly designed Shark Wheel wheels. Featuring very unique e-board wheels to their newest electric skateboard models, the full range are an e-board bestseller. Making their debut on ABC’s famous Shark Tank television show in 2015, Shark Wheel blew the judges away with their new idea to change the skateboard wheels industry. Not only have they come up with a composite that looks unique and retro, it feels smoother than ice!

Boasting 2 awesome electric skateboard models newly released in 2019, Shark Wheel have the Electric and the Electric Thin models now available. With a great combination of top speeds above 25 mph and the same range, the Shark Wheel electric powerful skateboards are simply brilliant. With a longboard style, and a under-belly hub motor, the Shark Wheel models are hub driven. This waterproof electric skateboard model is the perfect e-board for students or e-board for urban commuters. Unlike a big e-bike, this light e-board can be taken right up into the office or classroom, so you can keep an eye on it at all times.

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Shark Wheel Wheels – Why they’re so unique?

Shark Wheel

Sine Wave Design means safer rides!

What makes Shark Wheel electric skateboard wheels so unique? Having changed the geometry of the skateboard wheels in 2013, the Shark Wheel Team came up with a sphere and square combination design that actually allows for safer rides on your electric skateboard.

With treads that are deeper than your standard smooth spherical wheels, SDSU mechanical engineering department concluded that in wet conditions the flow of water through the treads rather than on contact with the standard smooth wheels, allowed for more grip and contact with the road. The same principles apply for smooth regular wheels vs the 95mm Shark Wheels for gliding over objects. While your standard sized smooth tires may power drive all-terrain debris, this causes safety limitations. However, the Shark Wheel sine wave design cuts between debris segments in the road and paves a smoother path on off-road rides. However, the Shark Wheel models are to be ridden on paved concrete roads more so than the all-terrain. While the wheels may certainly be durable, the AT wheels or 120mm cloudwheels are better suited for off-road riding, from an elevation perspective and their hard-outer shell.

Shark Wheel Performance Review

The bestselling Shark Wheel e-board model is the Shark Wheel Power e-board. Some of its following attributes are certainly worth bragging about:

✓ Speed: While most standard e-boards range from a speed of 14-19 mph, the Shark Wheel Power has 4 speed modes controlled wirelessly from your remote control. This fast-electric skateboard reaches top speeds of 26.1 mph, depending on riding conditions. This is based purely on smooth flat roads, no incline or all-terrain debris, and a rider weight of around 160 lbs.

✓ Board Deck: 7 ply Canadian Maple and 1 ply Fiberglass. While Fiberglass adds sturdiness and engineered flexibility, expert longboards have always preferred the Canadian Ply base material for maneuvering their skateboard, compared to a carbon fiber or composite decking.

✓ Range: The range on the Shark Wheel electric skateboard boasts a range of 25.2 miles at max. This is also based on riding conditions the same as that of the speed. However, a 25-mile range is nearly 30% longer than your standard electric longboard from an overseas manufacturer. While Shark Wheel test and engineer all their products again before sending them to their customers, the range is also due to its 19 lbs lightweight capacity and powerful hub driven motor.

✓ Weight: 19 lbs – lightweight and 1-2 lbs lighter than most powerful electric longboards. A lot of hill climbers’ weight 22-24 lbs, while this model remains a little lighter.

Shark Wheel Review Videos - Shark Wheels in Action

Shark Wheel E-Board Accessories – Shredlights


The awesome thing about Shark Wheel e-boards is the added features. They’re customizable with stickers, lights and are used by commuters and students, so you want your e-board looking sharp as well as safe when cruising down the boulevards.

Shredlights electric skateboard lights are the perfect add on for night time visibility and guiding the way on your next adventure. With multiple options such as the standard 2 pack, standard 4 pack, various mounts to choose from depending on the angle you want, and even a helmet light! Shredlights e-board lights are the best on the market. Boasting 200 lumens p/bulb and 3 flash modes, they’re the #1 e-board accessory for all riders. Especially for those commuting late or after dark, or riders hitting the streets a little later than usual, the Shredlights e-board lights will be the perfect add on.

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