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The Benefits of Commuting Using Sustainable Urban Transport


     Occupants of an urban community make use of vehicles and other transport systems for daily movements between their residential community and place of work or study. This recurring process of individuals have contributed to pollution and high energy consumption in most cities and a need to maintain sustainable environments depends largely on the development of new and more efficient commuter transport systems such as electric bikes and scooters.

The human life has been largely shaped by the day-to-day experiences on commute transport systems and these traveling moments leave us with subtle but powerful transformation unconsciously. The urban areas with its high population have a busy commuting transport system and efforts to improve this lifestyle has been a concern to humans.Urban commuting can be very tiring but with a more sustainable form of commuter transport systems, this process can be transformed into energizing and exciting moments.

    Before the invention of electric bikes, scooters, and skateboards, people were limited to the available transport systems making trips longer, hectic and very stressful. Workers jeopardize their health and deprive themselves of healthy routine just to get to their place of work on time. Some wake up too early to get stuck in traffic jams to and fro every day. Although not everyone commutes daily, we have individuals who are suburbs commuters traveling distances on certain weekends or specific days for a purpose which may be work-related or not.

     The rate at which traffic increases every year is exponential, hence the need for a more efficient transport system and this problem has been solved through the invention of electric appliances for transportation. These electric appliances make use of bike lanes and highways built in cities thus reducing traffic jams on road and railway commuting transport systems.

     The invention of e-bikes, e-scooters and skateboards have greatly helped the environment to maintain sustainable commuting systems as riders easily cruise past traffic and have a panic free ride to work, a faster, safer and cheaper way of commuting. The use of electric bikes, scooters, and skateboards are on the rise daily with about 80% trips with electric bikes shorter than other commuting transport systems indicating that people are finding e-appliances an easier way of commuting.

      Depending on your nature of work and distance to be covered, different e-appliances have been invented to suit your purpose and deliver the best to all individuals. E-scooters and E-bikes have proved to be great methods of avoiding morning rush hour by riding in style to the place of work. For urban commuters, electric scooters are an effective way to a simple, functional and comfortable means of transport. The Swagtron and Voro scooters are easily foldable under the desk and suitable for office workers with shorter commuting distance and busier or narrower streets.

     Workers with longer commuting distances such as those with 3miles and above require electric bikes for a more comfortable ride. Most electric bikes such as Swagtron have been developed to hit a high speed of about 18mph and even though these bikes are lightweight, they are usually strong enough to hold relatively high lbs. as high as 264lbs. Electric bikes are weather resistant making snowy journeys or commuting during rainy season’s fun, exciting and improving commuter's life. Coupled with other benefits of electrical appliances, urban commuters should consider using more electrical appliances to maintain a more sustainable form of transport. "


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