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The New Meepo ESC 6.0 Technology - What's New?

About Meepo

Meepo has always been an industry pioneer in engineering electric skateboards and penny boards for you to coast down beachfront boulevards or your daily urban commute. Electric transportation, as competitive as it has become is always evolving to improve range, speed and safety for it’s electric board riders.

Meepo have introduced newer technology over the past year, and their latest edition to the electric longboard technology is the ESC 6.0 Upgrade from their Meepo ESC 32A by Lingyi. After a few safety precautions with the old Hobbywing technology, the 32A Lingyi may have seemed like upgraded tech, but wait until you see the new 6.0. Safe, controlled and smooth, the Meepo V3 and NLS Pro models remain the crown jewels of their e-board range.

Meepo V3 for sale

Meepo V3 Electric Skateboard

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Meepo V3 Action Video

So what’s new about the ESC 6.0?

As tricky as the electric longboard ride can be to master, Meepo electric skateboards have always been dynamic and flexible with Canadian maple board decking to make it smooth and efficient as possible. The Meepo ESC 6.0 upgraded edition essentially helps to regulate braking capabilities while introducing a safer low speed mode for those learning on an electric longboard. Amongst its remote controlled 4 speed modes, the Meepo V3 E-Board’s new “low mode” has a ceiling of 4.3 mph (7 kmph), making it a slower easier ride for beginners to find their feel. The top speed on the new Lingyi 6.0 update is 18.75 mph (30 kmph) on medium mode, the ideal cruising speed for intermediate or expert level e-board riders.

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