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Best Electric Surfboards – EBC Guide

While e-boards, e-bikes and e-scooters dominate cities and campus’, who would have thought electricity and water could team up and create ELECTRIC SURFBOARDS! Electric surfboards have soon become the trending new product for all lake and ocean lovers looking for a faster, more fun way of exploring the blue! An industry phenomenon along with e-foils and underwater scooters, electric surfboards are more suited and tailored for everyone’s purpose. Unlike hydrofoils or e-foils, these easy to use electric surfboards come in various board volumes and styles so you can choose which model suits your expertise.

Featuring some of the World’s best jet boards, EBC have brought to you a limited-edition collection of electric surfboards! Battery powered, rechargeable and high-speed e-boards, visit some of our favorite electric surfboards, both suited for salt and fresh water. Our Top 2 Electric Surfboards include: 

#1 - The Radinn Explore Electric Surfboard

✓ The Radinn Explore is suitable for riders of all levels!

✓ Top Speed of 33 mph and a Pro Model Upgrade.

✓ 3 battery types - 45 minute max riding time.

✓ Suitable for riders of all weights.

✓ 12-month warranty included.

Learn more about the Radinn Explore

Radinn Explore

Radinn Jetboard - Norway

Radinn Jetboard - Spain

#2 - YuJet Electric Surfboard

Our #2 and an awesome alternative and an excellent electric surfboard for all users and weights, this YuJet electric surfboard has a longer nose and board volume designed for a more aerodynamic approach to gliding across the glassy water at high speeds.

Additional Features:

✓ Built & manufactured in the USA.

✓ Wireless Remote included.

✓ 16 mile range & 24 mph top speed.

✓ Suitable for all weights and styles.

Learn more about the YuJet


Call us today at 1-877-347-5283 and get in touch with an electric surfboard expert. Or send us an email at and we’ll find you the perfect jet board!

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