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5 Best Fat Tire Electric Bikes 2020 – EBC Guide

Best Fat Tire E-Bikes

About Fat Tire Electric Bikes

What is a fat tire electric bike? Although the term “fat tire” might insinuate the e-bike is suitable for mountain biking that may not always be the case. Fat tire e-bikes have been introduced as an awesome new alternative to traditional mountain bike tires, to provide enhanced stability and resistance to rocky terrain and cracked roads as well pot holes, which is why fat tire e-bikes make for the perfect cross-country bikes and urban commuters all in one.

What are fat tire e-bikes perfect for? Urban commuting, muscle rehabilitation for those suffering from lower body injuries, cross country cycling and beach riding. Fat tire e-bikes often boast 26-inch-thick tires, allowing for more surface area to stay above the gravel and sand. Obviously, the charge will conserve more energy on smoother surfaces than on thick sandy terrain, but just sit back enjoy how easily you can breeze over. Our regular customers include those looking to go on beach side cruises, or countryside cycles with the family. Traditionally coupled with a little more torque than your electric road bikes or foldable models, check out which fat tire electric bikes we think is best for you!

EBC's 5 Best Fat Tire Electric Bikes

Best Fat Tire Electric Beach Cruiser – Jupiter Defiant Electric Bike

Jupiter Defiant

About the Jupiter Defiant

Beach Cruiser electric bikes are awesome. With the larger surface area of the fat tire wheels, electric bikes can be perfect sand dune conquerors. The Jupiter Defiant e-bike model is an awesome fat tire beach cruiser, with the added benefit of being foldable and portable. This fat tire beach bike boasts Kenda 20’’ x 4’’ fat tires and a concealed removable battery, shielding it from sand filtration. The Jupiter electric bike also comes with a rear rack included!

Top features include:

✓ 7-speed Shimano derailleur.

✓ Lightweight at 55 lbs.

✓ Twist-grip throttle.

✓ 750W brushless hub motor.

Learn more about the Jupiter

#1 Nakto Super Cruiser Electric Bike

Nakto Super Cruiser

About the Nakto Super Cruiser

The Nakto Super Cruiser electric bike is a 5-star customer favorite fat tire electric bike. Unlike off-road mountain bikes, this fat tire electric bike is a great beach cruiser electric bike, as well as a powerful long-range e-bike for commuters and weekends rides. Featuring a 35-mile maximum range, this fat tire e-bike also comes with 26-inch tires and from and rear reflective lights to stay visible on route. With a powerful 500W motor, this best fat tire e-bike is an all-round EBC favorite!

Top features include:

✓ Pedal-assist on demand throttle

✓ Front and rear disc brakes

✓ 3 ride modes

✓ LED onboard display

Learn more about the Nakto
Super Cruiser

#2 The Ecotric Rocket Electric Bike

Ecotric Rocket

About the Ecotric Rocket

Ecotric Bikes are perfect for all riders looking for a great value for money e-bike that boasts solid specs, easy to handle speeds and range, with the feel and weight of a traditional fat tire. The Ecotric Rocket fat tire bike is not built for downhill racing but includes a rechargeable lithium ion battery and 26’’ fat tires built to withstand debris, rubble and urban environments. Optional attachments include fenders that can protect your e-bike from mud if you plan on venturing into the fields and countryside.

Top features include:

✓ Front fork suspension.

✓ 500W rear hub motor.

✓ Smart LCD display.

✓ 265 lbs. weight capacity.

✓ Lightweight 55 lbs.

Learn more about the Ecotric

#2 The Revi Predator Electric Bike

Revi Predator

About the Revi Predator

Revi bikes, formally known as Civi bikes, have some of the best quality e-bikes on the market. The Revi Predator fat tire electric bike comes featuring an onboard LCD display to monitor your speed, battery power and more, while its rechargeable lithium ion battery is also replaceable. This off-road electric bike is also built for cross country rides on loose all-terrain debris, while it’s MOZO front suspension forks allow for a softer impact feeling for those going over bumps or up and down sidewalks on their way into town.

Top Features include:

✓ Comfort saddle by Italian Selle Royal.

✓ 45 to 50-mile long range p/charge.

✓ 6061 Aluminum framework.

✓ Half twist throttle enabled.

✓ 2-year frame warranty.

Learn more about the Revi

#4-5 His and Her Electric Bike – The Himiway E-Bike Combo

Himiway electric bikes have become EBC’s bestselling electric bikes for couples. With 2 Cruiser models, the black Himiway Cruiser comes accompanied by its other half, the white Himiway Step-Thru e-bike model. Both sharing the same specs and range (60 miles), the Himiway fat tire electric bikes boast accessories including a rear rack and fenders with the purchase. Fairly valued at $1399 a piece, there’s very few fat tire electric bikes for the same price and specs to back it up! The Himiway step-thru model is also featured on our Top E-Bikes for Women blog post, and the easy access frame shape (step-thru) is perfect for shorter women as well. Both Himiway e-bikes have an onboard LCD display and soft front fork suspension, with a 350 lbs. payload capacity.

Himiway Cruiser - For Him

Himiway Cruiser

Learn more about the Himiway Cruiser

Himiway Cruiser Step Thru - For Her

Himiway Cruiser Step Thru

Learn more about the Himiway Cruiser Step Thru

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