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Unagi Model One Electric Scooter Review

About the Unagi Model One Electric Scooter


The Unagi Model One is a best selling electric scooter and an EBC Rider favorite. Engineered and founded as a Silicon Valley gem, this Unagi Model One e-scooter is at the forefront of the e-scooter hype. Boasting immense power and various ride modes, the Unagi E500 can be designed and suited to all of our EBC Riders.

Featuring analysis of the Unagi One’s performance, it’s speed, range and durability, we’ll be able to see why and how this elite electric scooter boasts such incredible specs and remains affordable as well. The Unagi Model One electric scooter is labelled the “Tesla” of electric scooters, featuring a sleek and modern design, with an integrated-on board display to track your riding stats. This foldable scooter makes for the perfect electric scooter for commuters, students and also delivery drivers. The Unagi e-scooter comes with 4 colors to choose from and a powerful brushless hub motor to beat the morning traffic and save money doing it!

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Unagi Model One Review Videos

Unagi Model One E500 – Performance Review

Unagi Model One E500

Speed (15.5 mph top speed) - The Unagi E500 has a top speed of 15.5 mph on its professional ride mode. With 3 ride modes (beginner, advanced & professional) this electric scooter has a great range of speeds to tailor your ride. Although we encourage users not to ever break the speed limit or scoot too fast around sharp corners. This balanced electric scooter can reach high speeds in excellent riding conditions, which includes flat, smooth terrain and a rider within the weight capacity (275 lbs). Any inclines on your e-scooter journey may cause a decrease in maximizing your range.

Power (1000 Watts) - The Unagi Model One E500 has a dual power system. Built with 2 250-Watt hub motors, this electric scooter is faster than it’s elder the E250. It boasts a max instant torque of 1000 Watts at 32 Nm, making it one of the fastest accelerating e-scooters on the market.

Range (15.5 miles) - The Unagi One has a 15.5-mile range, in good riding conditions. Your average commuter spends around 3-6 miles commuting to and from work, if they live in the inner-city limits. Not only does a 15+ mile range enable you to save thousands of dollars per year on commuting fees, this rechargeable e-scooter can be charged while at work with a simple wall plug.

Unagi Model One – Specifications

Unagi Model One E500

On Board DisplayThe Unagi One has an onboard integrated display so you can keep track of your ride. Never lose track of your battery, speed and ride mode. This display is part of the handles design, not a separate attachment and so it’s protected and sealed for water resistance.

Tires (19.05mm) - The Tire size on the Unagi Model One is 19.05 mm (E500). The tire material is a maintenance free rubber allowing for a softer ride than plastic or hard-shelled materials. The rubber tires are more durable and resistant to punctures as well, allowing you to cruise through city streets with confidence.

Brakes (ABS) - The Unagi brakes incredible and a top feature of this model. They’ve managed to integrate electronic ABS brakes onto the e-scooter to enable reduced skidding and sliding in the event of an emergency stop. Improving safety and slowing down under control, the Model One is one of few e-scooters with ABS sensitive braking.

Water Resistance (IP54) - This electric scooter has a water-resistant rating of IP54, meaning it’s resistant to riding under wet conditions. Although not recommended riding in the rain or in potentially dangerous conditions, the on-board screen and electronics are sealed and protected in the event of a down pour. We recommend always wearing a helmet and riding at a reduced speed or low ride mode when commuting in wet climates.

Unagi Model One – Ride Modes

Unagi Model One E500

Beginner (0-10 mph) - Designed for younger riders or individuals on their first electric scooter. Although there’s still a lot of torque, this electric scooter operates with 3 ride modes for those looking to get the feel on their first ride. Easy to grasp and become accustomed to, the Unagi Model One is very popular amongst beginners looking to progress.

Advanced (12.5+ mph) - For longer commuters and regular users, you can still achieve maximum efficiency under the advanced mode. We found that there’s still excellent balance and comfortability on the Unagi One when being ridden at 15+ mph.

Professional (15+ mph) - The Unagi One has a professional mode designed for commuters with longer straights and less busy roads to endure. Perfect for weekend rides or through the hills, the professional mode rides up to 15 mph in great conditions. The standing platform is also wide enough to ensure balance and stability for riding at this speed. Avoid riding in Professional mode if there’s a wet climate or road.

Unagi Model One – Best Commuter E-Scooter

Unagi Model One E500

Foldable - The benefit of this electric scooter is its foldable nature. With a simple hinge at the front of the Unagi scooter, you can fold and lock to carry it through non-ridable environments. Portable and easy to use for students walking though hallways or office buildings. Folded Dimensions are 96 x 42 x 38 cm.

Lightweight (26 lbs) - Finding an electric scooter that’s light isn’t always easy especially with powerful models. The Unagi Model One saves on weight by integrating the screen, using a thinner frame and lighter chassis. This model weighs about 26 lbs unpackaged.

Safe Storage - The added benefit of this e-scooter model is that the storage is safe and convenient. Unlike a bicycle where you’re left to leave your bike locked outside at risk of theft, this electric scooter is portable and can be stored in our office, under your desk or even your locker. With a portable charger included you can even charge your e-scooter while at work, ready for your commute home.

Unagi Model One – Price and Affordability

Unagi Model One E500

The Unagi Model One E500 sits at less than $1000. This electric scooter, unlike models from overseas is re-engineered and designed here in the US. Boasting a higher top speed than almost every model, and certainly for its price, it’s the perfect e-scooter for commuting and for students.

The average commuter spends $4-$9 commuting per day in the US, either on gas or on subways and busses. That does not include other journeys into the city to compensate for socializing, shopping, running errands or even simple things like seeing your friends. This rechargeable electric scooter can save you hundreds of dollars after just a few months of usage. Built to withstand a few years of peak condition, we have had EBC Riders admire their Unagi for this reason. While we fully embrace the outdoors and the added benefit of saving our planet, the financial benefits from investing in the Unagi One is no argument, it’s a fact!

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