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Lift HydroFoil Masts

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Classic Foil (Non-electric)
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Lift HydroFoil Masts

The Best Carbon Fiber HydroFoil Masts on the market!

Lift have long been working with top engineers and shapers since the company was founded in Puerto Rico. With hydrofoils and lift foils taking a surfers experience to the next level, Lift foil are at the forefront of providing all levels with the #1 quality and durable products. Lift Foils boards are manufactured from ultra sturdy carbon fibre, designed to give the hydrofoil not only a lighter nature than your traditional surfboard but keep it resilient for years. The bigger the boards are suitable for heavier riders while the light boards are suitable for lighter riders and specialists. 

The Lift classic 170 hydrofoil is the top selling and World's best classic foil for quality. Built and engineered by the elite, this classic foil board is nothing shy of excellent and comes with various weights and masts to tailor your every need. Pick and choose your best mast height with our top recommendations depending on what you're looking to do.

The Mast Configurations

  • 24'' - Good for learning and reduced swing weight.
  • 28'' - Standard size for surfing, SUP and wake.
  • 32'' - Longer mast for surfing and SUP, for kite this is smaller and sportier.
  • 36'' - Standard kite surfing mast

The Lift HydroFoil Mast Series Intro

The Lift HydroFoil Mast Construction

Product Specifications

  • Material: Carbon Fiber, fiber glass, stainless steel, high density cores, and high performance epoxies.
  • Mounting tracks: For the rider to find their sweet-spot balance point and make any necessary adjustments.
  • Wings size:Smaller the foil set up the faster and more movement. While the larger wings float easier but have more balance and resistance this can also slow you down, often more suited for beginners.
  • Board Size:Bigger boards pop out the water faster and are built for less movement and more balance, for beginners and heavy riders. Smaller boards have more movement and a smaller balance point, tailored better for experts looking to work the wake or board a little more.
  • Masts: Carbon Fibre Pre-prep (one type)

What's in the Box

  • The Foils and the boards ship separately. 
  • Tool kit and instructions included to assemble your board.
  • Boards and foils all come with bags and protective casing. 


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  • 12 month warranty on all manufacturing defects.
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