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Meepo V2

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Meepo V2

The Meepo V2 is truly one of the best electric skateboards on the market today. Offering real-world mileage of up to 11 miles (17 miles with the SANYO Battery Option), top speeds of 29 mph, hill climbing of up to 30% grade, and a charging time of only 2 hours, you'll be hard-pressed to find a better E-board. Meepo's regenerative braking technology (up to 22%) keeps you on the road longer. The Meepo V2's smooth responsive throttle remote delivers 4 ride modes and a cruise control system that allows you to ride effortlessly, as well as a smart turn-on feature (the board turns on automatically when pushed). 

The Meepo V2 is lightweight (weighing in at only 16 lbs) yet extremely durable, with its shock-absorbing shredder trucks. Braking is also greatly enhanced, as it gradually increases as the rider moves through the throttle, eliminating any jerks and smoothing out the ride. The Meepo V2, and its new, upgraded, intelligent customized hobbywing ESC (the brain of the skateboard), along with its Robust 800-Watt motor, is one powerful E-board. The eco-friendly Meepo V2 is one of the reasons Meepo is one of the fastest growing e-skateboard brands in the world. Introducing the smart, zero-emission, real-world range, comfortable, safe, Meepo V2.

  • All Meepo Boards come standard with a 90-Day Warranty which covers any manufacturing defects.

Meepo V2 Specification:

Skateboard: 38″ Long I 9″ Wide I 32.5″ Wheelbase
Top Speed: 29 mph / 46 kmh
Range: Up to 11 miles / 17.7 km
(17 miles / 27.4 km with our SANYO battery option)
Hill Climbing: Up to 30% Grade
Board Weight: 16 lbs / 7.2 kg
Rider Weight Limit: 250 lbs / 113 kg
Trucks: Shredder Trucks
Power: 800 Watts
Remote: Classic Meepo remote with throttle wheel
Ride Modes: 4 Ride Modes
Wheels: 90 mm X 56mm 82A
Motors: 90 mm X 55mm 82A
Charging Time: 2 Hours (3 hours with our SANYO battery option)
Brake: Regenerative Braking (22%)
V2 motor urethane sleeves are NOT replaceable, however they are very durable.V2 motors are our most powerful motors yet. (More powerful than the 97mm motors on the V2 Plus)This board features the latest version of the Meepo ESC(a significantly improved riding experience, and our best edition yet!)An important upgrade on the Meepo ESC software was applied at the end of August.Acceleration with the new ESC is now as smooth and powerful as ever. Braking experience is also greatly improved. Braking power will gradually increase as the rider moves the throttle wheel, eliminating any jerks or halting from your board. You can feel the smoothness when slowing down, and the total stopping distance of our boards is now even shorter!

Meepo V2 Batteries:

All Meepo skateboards use Samsung 20R batteries as the standard battery. Why?Meepo Board motors need at least 24 Amps of continuous current for peak performance.Samsung 20R (4Ah) batteries can provide 44 Amps of continuous current, compared to LG MH1(6.4Ah) batteries which provide only 20 Amps max.All Meepo boards have used high discharge rate 10C (Samsung 20R) batteries since October 2017.

The Meepo ESC (Electronic Speed Controller):

Meepo uses the most popular ESC in the electric skateboard industry, which also happens to be our favorite option after trying the many different ESCs out there. Our ESC is proven to be extremely reliable with more than 300,000 units sold. We have also been continuously improving on the design over the last 3 years.Meepo uses the most popular ESC in the electric skateboard industry, the #1 option by the industry’s top brands. Our ESC is proven to be the most reliable ESC with more than 300,000 pieces sold. The design has been continuously improved in the last 3 years.
  • The ESC deactivates acceleration when the battery in remote is critically low. This prevents potential accidents when the remote runs out of power and shuts off mid-ride.
  • Smart turn-on, the board turns on automatically when pushed. *Fan Favorite Feature*
  • Lock function can completely stop/park on a slope, allowing riders to start on a slope.
  • When remote is disconnected, Meepo Board will glide. This is safer than automatic braking.  
  • Remote show riding modes are clear, allowing a rider to press the power button to wake up remote and see the current riding mode from LED battery indicator light.
  • Throttle wheel features a tiny cube on the roll, so you know the wheel’s position.
  • Change riding modes on the go, without the need to stop the board. 
  • Compact size is out of the way

CAUTION: Meepo Boards are not waterproof. Wheels are slippery when wet. Always wear a helmet when riding an electric skateboard.  Turn the remote off whenever you step off the board.

Temperature: Temperature: Meepo Boards performs best between -5 to 42 degrees Celsius. Store at room temperature. 


Completely Assembled Meepo Board
Board Charger
Skate Tool
Spare Bolts & Nuts



 Meepo Refund Policy:

  • We don’t refund when your ordered products are being assembled since a lot of resources and energy are invested in every board.

  • We don’t refund when your order is shipped out.

  • We don’t refund when there is an issue with the product you received.

  • We don’t accept returns.

  • All Meepo Boards come standard with a 90-Day Warranty which covers any manufacturing defects.


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