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Ownboard Carbon AT Electric Skateboard

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Ownboard Carbon AT Electric Longboard

The Ownboard Carbon AT is the one best, and most powerful, Off-Road Electric Skateboard/Longboards on the market today. The Carbon AT features never-flat 6" Solid Rubber Honeycomb Tires, providing ultimate comfort on any terrain, without the worry of flats or the constant need to check tire pressure. The Carbon AT's monstrous yet smooth 1500 Watt Dual 6368 Belt Motors can propel you to max speeds of up to 24 mph and a hill climbing grade of up to 30%, making commuting a breeze no matter the surface; mud, snow, grass, gravel, dirt, sand; you name it. Thanks to its Customized Hobbywing ESC and insanely high torque, The Carbon AT can accelerate quicker and power up huge hills, without losing any of its stability at high speeds. The W2 offers real-world mileage of up to 19 miles thanks to its insanely powerful yet quiet 14Ah Sanyo Battery. Ownboard's Regenerative Braking Technology charges up your battery while you brake, keeping you on the road longer. The Carbon AT's smooth responsive throttle remote delivers 3 speed modes, excellent soft touch material, and an LED Display for Battery and Speed, allowing you to cruise effortlessly. 

The Sleek Carbon AT is masterfully crafted from the highest grade Carbon Fiber, making it lightweight yet extremely durable. The Carbon AT also features Forged 12"-Wide Double Kingpin Trucks, which, coupled with the flexible Carbon Fiber Deck, allows for precision handling and unrivaled shock absorption. Your Carbon AT features dust proof and more resistant Ceramic Bearings for professional speeding and increased life cycle. An IP56 Waterproof Rating means you can ride your Carbon AT no matter the weather. New to E-Boarding? The Carbon AT features a stable slow mode, to allow for easy learning. With Ownboard's 6 Month Warranty, you can be assured your Carbon AT E-Board is quality you can trust.All this makes Ownboard one of the best e-skateboard brands in the world. With the smart, zero-emission, real-world range, comfortable, safe, All-Terrain Ownboard Carbon AT Electric Longboard, the world is yours.

Ownboard Carbon AT Review Video

Ownboard Carbon AT Review Video


DECK Highest grade Carbon Fibre, 40 Inches / 1016 mm Matte
BATTERY 14AH Sanyo GA Lithium Ion battery 4P10S
MOTOR Dual 6368 Belt Motor 170Kv 1500 Watt x 2
ESC Customized Hobbywing ESC with sensor for smooth braking & acceleration
REMOTE New OLED Hobbywing 3-speed wireless remote. 4G wireless 
BRAKING Regenerative Braking
TRUCKS Forged 306 mm / 12 Inch width with double King Pin
WHEELS AT: 6 Inches / 150 mm Honeycomb Tire with solid rubber ( elastic All-Terrain)
GT: 120 mm Cloudwheels with   damping foamies core
SUITABLE TERRAIN Any terrain - short grass, dirt tracks, roads & footpaths
BEARINGS Ceramic Bearings (water & dust proof) 
RECHARGE 4-5 hours with 3A  charger
TOP SPEED 38 km/h / 24 mph (GT up to 42 km/h)
RANGE Up to 30 km / 19 miles  (GT up to 42 km)
WEIGHT 11 kg
MAX LOAD 100 kg / 220 lbs
HILLS Up to 30% 



Beginner Mode: 12.5 mph (20 km/h)
Middle Mode: 18.75 mph (30 km/h)
Proficient Mode: 24 mph (38 km/h)

In The Box

  • 1 x completely assembled eBoard
  • 1 x OLED remote with USB charging cable
  • 1 x certificated charger
  • 1 x DC port charger adapter (US, AU, or EU plug up to your location)
  • 1 x T-tool
  • 1 x user manual
  • 1 x dash-proof rubber
  • 1 x extra belt
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