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SoFlow LOU 3.0 Electric Skateboard

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✓ RedDot Design Award Winner

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SoFlow LOU 3.0 Electric Skateboard

Portability, Made Simple

The SoFlow LOU 3.0 is possibly the best Electric Skateboards/Penny boards on the market. A 2017 RedDot Design Award Winner, The Carbon Fiber LOU is as light, fast, quiet, and maneuverable as they come. Meticulous design coupled with Swiss precision and quality makes SoFlow a safe buy for your next board. The LOU 3.0 is only 12 lbs and 25 inches long, making it a shining example of portability. The LOU 3.0's quiet yet robust 36V, 3.0 Ah battery is completely swappable, and can propel you at speeds of up to 22 mph for up to 15 miles! The LOU 3.0 has powerful dual hub motors offering superior power and braking. The LOU 3.0 features a smart App, to allow you to track speed, distance, view and change modes, acceleration, braking strength, and more. The LOU 3.0 also features a hidden battery in the deck, something rare amongst Electric Skateboards. LOU decks and wheels are also easily changed.

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Speed 22 mph
Range 12-15 mi
Weight 12 lbs
Material Carbon Fiber
Charging Time 2 hours
Battery 36 V, 3.0 Ah
Weight Limit 220 lbs
Swappable Battery Yes
Battery Hidden Yes
Colors Black, Blue, Red, Purple
Noise Quiet
Warranty 2 years (1 year on Motor and Battery) 
Dimensions 25" L x 10" W x 5.5" H


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