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Vestar V2 Pro Classic Electric Skateboard

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 Vestar V2 Pro Classic Electric Skateboard

About the Vestar V2 Classic

The Vestar V2 Pro Classic is the newest edition of the original V2 Pro model and features newer features to adapt to a more advanced and elite riding experience. Known for their traditional longboard styles, and often compared as Boosted board alternatives, Vestar's longboard collection has always been famous. The V2 Pro Classic model boasts an affordable price tag and specs that are mi-tier, high performing. 

The V2 Pro Classic also features a Bamboo standard and a master edition, which jumps in range from 12 to 17. Suitable for students and casual riders, this eboard is built to cruise, but with the added nature of the belt drive, it's sensitive to acceleration. The V2 Pro has an immense top speed of 27 mph, which is one of the fastest for a 800W longboard, given it's belt driven nature it also accelerates with more torque than the Hub V3 model. A top recommendation for mi-rang commuters and students looking for a traditional feel longboard with a little extra boost! 

V2 Pro Classic Specs

  • Dual 5045 800W Motors.
  • Top speed: 27 mph.
  • Belt drive motor.
  • Range: 12 miles (160 lbs rider) - Master: 17 miles.
  • 35% gradient climbing ability. 
  • Wheels: 90mm highly elastic.
  • Quick Charger: 2A.
  • Hardness: 80A
  • Battery: 180Wh.
  • Busing: 97AA.
  • USB Port: 1.
  • Remote: R1.
  • Trucks: 8'' Aluminum T6, one piece precision bearing.
  • Weight capacity: 260lbs.


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Warranty & Return Policy

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